My favourite radio stations in Europe

As you all know, there are billions of radio stations in the world….

Tons for any kind of daily news updates and tons for each music genre.

In my opinion some radio stations are playing the same song 1000 times a day.

Of course I know there is a lot of money for royalty around the world but I think it is nothing better to have many different kind of radio stations 😉 just to keep the variety and not to be bored with one song…

So, here are my favourite radio stations around Europe, of course the language of the countries is very different…
But if you want to prove your italian or spanish or any kind of language, it is a good  alternative to books and spending a lot of money…
This kind of learning is so much more fun, than studying only some phrases the whole time. 😉

The most common public radio station in Austria is Ö3 cause they send every 30 minutes daily news and traffic updates.
In my opinion the best radio stations in Austria are NRJ Austria or FM4 or Kronehit for younger people. They send daily news updates and traffic updates too, so you can listen to good music and be well-informed over the day 😉
NRJ Austria: – just happy sound all day long…
FM4: – good for lazy and long sundays at home…
If you like the classical way of music it is a good choice to listen to Ö1. – typical for Austria… 😉 you will get the “Mozart feeling”

There are some good radio stations but my absolute favourite one I listen to it every single day
Especially the morning show but this is because I understand what they are talking or lets say making jokes about.

That energy from  italians in the morning is amazing and you will by affected by it too 😉

The music genre is more electric house and electric music in every kind… So it is more for crazy people, but aren’t we all a bit crazy??? 🙂

An other station with a lot of good music is:

If you are travelling by car through Italy you can always listen to RTL 102,5:
But if you are traveling in northern Italy the area is called Alto Adige and your car radio has some problems to find a good station I can recommend as well, this is a very good alternative to RAI, cause Radio RAI is more for daily news updates and they are talking a lot…

Of course you will think now, why should you hear a greek radio station cause you will not understand anything… Well, I agree but if you are in that country or you want a bit of holidays in your living room or office then this is a good alternative to think about your holidays or about the summer on long winter days…. 😉

I always choose the radio station form this link: cause you can choose the area and the genre from folk to greek and international Pop or electric music…. 😉
They all have a very good music choice….

My favourite radio stations for the best radio mix are:
Athens Party (they are not talking anything):
Mad Radio:
Athens Deejay:
City FM:
Radio Preveza:
Cosmoradio Thessaloniki:

If you are travelling in Spain or you want to get back the sunshine from your holidays into your living room I really can recommend HappyFM.
As the name say, it is really a Happy Radio 🙂 the good mood and the energy is amazing of the radio speakers…
I will keep you updated on spanish radios 😉

There is nothing more to say but it is definitively NRJ Switzerland.
Of course the brand NRJ is in Europe quite popular and in almost every country for example Sweden, France, Austria etc., they have the same policies at their homepages with the genres to choose to listen.
But in Switzerland I really recommend: Zurich, Basel and Bern, those 3 are all very good, only one thing will be strange for you folks the Swiss dialect 😉

So, this was a short statement from me about the best radio stations over Europe… 😉
I hope you liked it and I wish you
happy listening and a lot of fun and party!!!

Keep calm and listen to good music 😉

baci, baci
yours Bianca 🙂

P.S.: I will keep you updated on radio stations around Europe or the world 😉


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